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"Integrated management and sensibility towards the customer"

These characteristics could be what best defines the spirit of the people who belong to the company as well as its politics. The addition of both is the best presentation of our company.

SEM was founded in 1956 and since then, it has strengthened as a national reference in the fields of surface treatment and coating.

Since its beginnings SEM has collaborated with many different companies. Thanks to that, it not only gained in knowledge but also in the need of developing flexible industrial systems able to adapt to each case.

We are therefore real experts in developing industrial projects for surface treatments, which has made us being involved, little by little in our customer’s productive process itself.

For that reason we go further with our proposals of collaboration and we have already successfully developed the installation of facilities of integrated management.

The keys for this collaboration are based on the capacity of getting involved in the process of production assuming the design, start up and exploitation of productive stages inside the production general process of our customers. The main objective is the improvement in management, output and therefore save costs.

The founders, Mr. Felix Baragaño and Mr. Ramiro Rilla have transmitted their enthusiasm to a solid managing team, who headed by Felix Baragaño junior, think this is just the beginning.

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